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A Cambodian Bride Custom

A cambodian bride convention is one of the most significant rites for a family. It is the day when sweethearts sincerely declare their intent to married and associate their future living together. In the past, arranged marriages were prevalent, and a couple usually lived with their parents until they could establish a household of their own near their families ( Demont & Heuveline, 2016 ).

At this event, shut friends give jewels or chains to the newlyweds along with words of advice and intentions for joy, good health, prosperity, victory, longevity and enjoy. They also offer gifts that they themselves have brought to honor the ancestor spirits: meal, drink and money. A symbolic cleaning of the ft of the wedding and wife is performed, which represents the induction of a novel step in their lives. A shower of palm blossoms (pka sla ) may also be thrown upon the newlyweds to symbolize a fresh start.

Later, the couple’s relatives travels to meet with the bride’s community. They cambodian mail order bride bring the amount of marriage they agreed on, which is normally a substantial sum of money. Customers are handed matching silver plates of gifts and fruits as they arrive, and observe the groom through his march.

The newlyweds are then escorted by the home of the wedding to the temple of their ancestors, where they present the giving of food and money, and an ancestral spirit is invited to acknowledge them as their new family members. They may also offer a few strands of hair from their heads, which is a way for them to pay homage and thank their ancestors for the life they’ve given them.